Download: Top 4 apps to track India 2014 election results

Election 2014 results have started coming in  and here are the best apps you can download to track election results in real time.

Indian Election 2014

This app provides results from multiple sources. You can see the results provided by Google and the official Election Commission page, apart from other sources from a single window.

Download: Android  |  iOS

Lok Sabha Election Results

This Android-only app gives instant results with a simple and elegant UI. The app also has a widget through which you can get quick updates right from your phone’s homescreen and lockscreen.

Download: Android

Times now EQ

Times Now’s app has a displays election results with news feed and social feeds in a page with card-based interface. You can also watch live Times Now channel for free from the app.

Download : AndroidiOS and Windows Phone .

IBN live

This app lets you watch election results news and feeds from the channel. Apart from that, you can also watch CNN IBN live for free.

Download : Android and iOS

NDTV mobile app

NDTV mobile app allows you to watch NDTV channel live for free, the app also has separate tab to track election results instantly.

Download : Android, iOS and Windows.


How to type in hindi from an Android phone

Smartphones are now affordable but not everyone who buys it can read or type in English comfortably. So here’s how you can set up Hindi keyboard on the Android phone of your friend or relative who is more comfortable communicating in Hindi. You can install the Hindi keyboard quite easily if you can read this word “नमस्ते” correctly from your Android phone. If you can’t, then try this method.

Method 1: Using app from Google

GOOD: Hindi to English translation is available  |  BAD: Not supported by all devices.

  1. Head over to the Google PlayStore and download Google’s Hindi input app.
  2. Now you need to enable the keyboard and make it the default. For this, go to Settings > Keyboard and input methods > Language & Input > select “Google Hindi Input”> then select Default and click “Hindi transliteration” from Choose input method.
  3. You can toggle the button “a->अ” (at the bottom) on English keyboard to turn on/off transliteration mode.
  4. Click the globe symbol to type in Hindi, it has two pages so click 2/2 to see remaining alphabets.


Method 2: Using Paninikeypad

GOOD:  Supported by all devices  |  BAD: English to Hindi translation not available.

  1. Download and install PaniniKeypad Hindi app from Google PlayStore.
  2. Now you need to enable the keyboard and make it the default. Go to Settings > Language & input > select Panini Keypad IME.
  3. To make the layout default go to Settings > Language & input > set Default Keyboard/ Input Method as PaniniKeypad IME.


How to clear cache and free up space on a smartphone

Your phone might become slow over time even though you don’t have many apps installed. In such cases it is possible that your phone’s memory  might have become bloated due to temporary files created by many applications as cache. Caches are used by applications to serve your needs better but it turns into a headache if cache data is accumulated over months on your device. Here’s how you can clear cache of web browsers and here’s what you need to do for clearing cache of all applications.

Method 1: Clearing browser cache

GOOD: Very simple  |  BAD: It’s completely a manual process

  1. If you use Google Chrome browser on Android or iOS, go to Menu > Settings> (Advanced) Privacy and tap on “Clear browsing data”
  2. If you use Firefox for Android or iOS, you can follow the above mentioned method to clear browser cache.


Method 2: Releasing Application cache

GOOD: One touch to clear all cache  |  BAD: Too many ads in the free version


  1. Head to Google PlayStore and download this app called 1Tap Cleaner.
  2. Open the application and hit ‘Clear cache’. The app will now display the size of cache used by each app.
  3. From here you can either remove all the cache or remove cache data for specific application.
  4. iOS users can do the same, by downloading Cleaner app from iTunes.



Download now: Best apps for following IPL 7

IPL has kickstarted and here are the best apps you should download to watch live matches for free and keep you updated with live scores:


GOOD: Detailed statistics with live score updates | BAD: No live streaming, 

This official IPL app is definitely better than previous version, with detailed statistics about matches. The app is tablet optimised so you can install in your larger screen tablet without any problem. Though the app does not have live streaming, it delivers status updates with commentary quickly, if you use 2G or slow internet connection this app is for you.


Download :  Android,iOS,Windows Phone


GOOD: Pause live matches, chat with friends in the app | BAD: Paid Live stream.

This app not only gives you live score updates, but also lets you pause and watch live matches. You can also chat with friends and others inside the app while you watch the match. The down side is that you need to pay Rs 20 / day for live streaming of matches via in-app purchase. Live streaming works only on 3G and Wi-Fi and is not optimised for slower connection.


Download : AndroidiOS


GOOD: Free Live streaming  | BAD: Not tablet friendly on Android.

This newly launched GoCricket app lets you watch live matches for free. It also has regular score updates and provides important highlights and videos when there is no match. Trajectory viewer (sort of like hawk eye) and optimised videos are best part of this app.


Download : AndroidiOS

The Big toss

GOOD: legal Match betting | BAD: Not optimised for tablets

Are you a cricket nerd? want to bet on matches without breaking any Indian law? Then this is the right app for you. Apart from regular score updates and match insights, this app lets you predict the winners and their scores, while the match is live (very similar to fantasy cricket). You can bet with your friends and strangers to win digital “karma coins”. These coins can be used to buy power plays which will help you top the chart, this is one stop app for a cricket stat nerd who can’t stop talking about IPL.


Download : Android, iOS


GOOD: Audio commentary | BAD: Moderate design and game update.

This online radio app provides the most important information from a match. Basically it lets can continue your work, while listening to this Internet radio commentary.



Download: Android

DTH apps

GOOD: Live streaming | BAD: No score cards or updates.

Major DTH providers in India have their own mobile apps from which you can catch live TV channels. Some of services are free, but some are paid. You will also need a working DTH connection to use these apps.


Airtel DTH users download the app from here and catch the IPL 7 live

DishTv users download the app from here

Reliance DTH users download the app from here.

How to downgrade Android apps to an older version

Sometimes app developers make drastic changes to look and feel of an app and in some cases they are not always for the best. Thankfully, Android lets you revert to an older version of the app pretty easily. Follow this method if you have not rooted your phone and this method if you have a rooted android phone.

Method 1: For non-rooted phones

GOOD: rooting not required | BAD: Does not restore saved configuration of the app.

  1. Download App Backup & Restore app from Google PlayStore.
  2. Backup your apps using this app before updating it. It also lets you save the backup to
  3. After updating, if you want to revert, open App Backup & Restore and select Restore from the archive. You can select the version of the app based on date, version number etc.


Method 2: For rooted phones

GOOD: Automatic backup, app saved with settings| BAD: Requires root.

  1. Download Titanium Backup app from playstore.
  2. Using Superuser app, provide root access to Titanium Backup when prompted. Titanium Plus also has export to Dropbox feature. The pro version of this app automatically saves apps at regular interval.
  3. Click options in Titanium backup and select Backup/Restore.titan
  4. Select the app to backup from the list presented.
  5. If you want to downgrade, select the app and click restore. Titanium Backup will revert to the older version while retaining all settings and progress (in case of games).